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Need a plumber urgently?

Do you have a blockage or leak in your home? No worries. We understand that you want this problem resolved as soon as possible. We have many specialists who are available 24/7 to help you. Search for your job, indicate the desired time when you want to be helped and book your job. On this page you will find more information about the work of a plumber, the costs and further tips and information.

What does a plumber do?

Have you always wanted to know what a plumber's job is? You can hire this professional for multiple tasks. Suffering from a leaking toilet or is the toilet clogged? Our plumbers can help you further. They have the experience to detect blockages. You can also contact a plumber for plumbing.

You can also contact a plumber for the following jobs: Detecting and fixing blockages and leaks, fixing malfunctions, unblocking sanibroyeurs, solving sewer blockages, repairing gutters and placing taps and other sanitary facilities. In addition, this professional can assist you with boiler maintenance, malfunctions or other problems with central heating. Finally, you can also contact our plumbers when connecting the gas stove.

Plumber in your area

At Renovee you can easily and quickly book a plumber in your area. We have a nationwide network of affiliated plumbers. This means that a plumber is always available near you and you do not have to pay any call-out costs.

Tips for finding a cheap plumber

Are you looking for a cheap plumber who can do a good job? Here are some tips to help you further:


  • Find a plumber near you. This way you save call-out costs.
  • A plumber for urgent jobs is often more expensive. If the job has no immediate urgency, it often saves money and is cheaper.
  • It pays to compare. However, this is a thing of the past with Renovee. We use competitive, clear and predetermined rates. This saves you searching and you never pay too much.
  • Check in advance who is responsible for any costs. If you live in a rented house, there is a good chance that the landlord or housing cooperative is responsible for this.

frequently asked question

A plumber generally works with a flexible hourly rate. If the professional has to solve a problem immediately, he charges a higher rate than if he can carry out the job in a few working days. On average, you pay an amount between € 65 and € 80 per hour for a plumber without urgency. For a rush job, he works on average with an hourly rate between € 100 and € 150.

You call a plumber when you are unable to fix a blockage or leak yourself. If you want to save on the job, it is wise to first try to fix a blockage yourself. Have you tried to clear the drain again with an unblocker? Are you dealing with a major spill that cannot wait for a moment? In any case, turn off the water tap and call a professional. There are several plumbers in each region who can be reached outside office hours and who come to fix the leak for an urgent rate.

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A heating engineer called in for the annual inspection via renovee. The craftsman was very professional.
Elisa from Rotterdam
Easily booked a plumber. Helped us out the next day. I am satisfied with the services provided.
Huub uit Deventer
The handyman was very helpful and helped us with several chores. Payment went quickly via iDeal.
Vanessa uit Leiden