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The services of a handyman

The work of these professionals is very diverse. They are often on all kinds of jobs in and around the house. To give you an idea of ​​the work you can think of, we have listed the most common ones below.



Are you renovating, or have you just completed one? Then there are always those chores that are left behind. Placing the skirting boards, for example, the doors properly or hanging lamps. For those kinds of jobs links, you can also contact them to take care of the entire renovation for you. The handyman companies don't turn their hand for that either.


To assemble

Putting furniture together, placing a toilet or shower. It is one of those jobs that sometimes takes even more time than you want to spend on it. Or maybe you actually have no idea where to start. Engaging an all-round professional offers a solution.


Wallpapering paints

Handymen can help you paint your home wallpaper. They work quickly and it saves you a lot of time and hassle.


Maintenance and repairs

For projects on furniture, floors of walls, you can go to a handyman company. Most companies can also help with the maintenance of, for example, your garden facade.

frequently asked question

The activities of these craftsmen are very diverse. They can often be used on all kinds of jobs in and around the house. To give you an idea of what activities you can think of, we have listed the most common ones below.

Looking for a handyman? With Renove you will find a local handyman in no time who will come and perform your chores on your time. A handyman can perform several types of chores for you. Whether it concerns installing a cat flap or having a TV hung. Go to the class request page and describe your job. After we have received your class request, we will make sure that it is made as quickly as possible with the right professional.

You usually pay a handyman by the hour. Take into account an hourly rate between € 35 and € 50. If the job takes less than an hour, you often still pay a minimum amount. It is therefore more convenient to combine various small jobs and have the professional come only once. You often pay a project price for larger jobs. To give you an idea of what you can think of in terms of prices, we have listed a number of common jobs for you below. This list is certainly not exhaustive, so request a tailor-made proposal for your job (s).

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A heating engineer called in for the annual inspection via renovee. The craftsman was very professional.
Elisa from Rotterdam
Easily booked a plumber. Helped us out the next day. I am satisfied with the services provided.
Huub uit Deventer
The handyman was very helpful and helped us with several chores. Payment went quickly via iDeal.
Vanessa uit Leiden