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Looking for an electrician (urgently)?

If you are (urgently) looking for a licensed electrician, Renovee is the right place for you. We fix your job request and connect it to a local electrician. This not only saves you time but also call-out costs. In addition, we have a fixed hourly rate. This way it is clear what you have lost per hour. Do you need an electrician urgently? Even then you are in the right place. You can indicate in your job application that it is an urgent job. We ensure that an electrician is linked to your job as soon as possible. On this page you will also find more information about electricians and what an electrician costs.

frequently asked question

You can engage an electrician for a wide range of activities. For example, the professional can install new electrical appliances, expand the meter cupboard or move sockets. Do you have an older home and does the electricity no longer meet modern requirements? Then the professional modernizes the entire power supply.

The costs depend on his work experience, required materials, call-out costs and the type of job. In the latter case, the size of the job plays a role, but also whether it is an urgent job. The electrician often charges a higher rate for jobs that he has to go to that same day. On average, you pay an hourly rate between € 50 and € 65.

In the event of a power failure, it is important that you have light. You can therefore grab a flashlight, light candles or switch on the flashlight function of your smartphone. This makes it easier to find your way around the house and limits the risk of possible injury. If only your home is dark, go to the fuse box and check the fuses. If a fuse has fallen, try to push it up. If the fuse cannot be reactivated, switch off all electrical appliances. Then check each electrical device one by one to find out which device is causing the short circuit. It is also a good idea to hire an electrician to check electrical equipment and wiring. In addition, you may need to replace the fuses.

In the first instance it is important to find out the possible cause and extent of a power failure. The most common indication that a short has occurred is when the circuit breaker trips and the fuse blows. However, there are also other situations where it can break. Consider, for example, an overload of the current. Should a circuit breaker continue to short immediately after resetting, it is a clear indication that there is a wiring problem in the circuit. Or possibly in one of the devices connected to that circuit. If you suspect a short circuit, proceed as follows.



  • Locate the switched circuit breaker. It has a locked handle in the OFF position on the main control panel.
  • Check all power cables connected to the outputs of the faulty circuit.
  • Turn off all lights and equipment and switches along the circuit. Then return the circuit breaker to the ON position.
  • Turn on each light switch or appliance switch one at a time.
  • Fix the wiring problem. This is a step that may require the assistance of an electrician.

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A heating engineer called in for the annual inspection via renovee. The craftsman was very professional.
Elisa from Rotterdam
Easily booked a plumber. Helped us out the next day. I am satisfied with the services provided.
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The handyman was very helpful and helped us with several chores. Payment went quickly via iDeal.
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